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29 Days Left to a Beach Body

Man! Today was crazy. Morning started off like a whirlwind. I completely forgot we were out of eggs. I thought my husband took my van to his work to have the oil changed in it; so I thought the option of running to the store wasn’t available. I had to get creative for breakfast. I … Continue reading

31-30 Days Left to a Beach Body

No, I didn’t forget to blog last night. I was tired yesterday! Fell asleep twice yesterday while breastfeeding and rocking my chunkest of munchkins to sleep. I knew I was sleep deprived and gave up blogging last night to get better quality sleep. It was great getting 8 hours of sleep!! Sleep is so important for … Continue reading

32 Days Left to a Beach Body

It’s freaking 12:32AM! What a crazy day it has been. Started breakfast off right. This is what we had Starting your day off with plenty of fats and protein torches your metabolism. You can boost your metabolism by up to 40% this way. So I had a ton of energy all throughout the day. Had leftover … Continue reading

get ready…

After you read this, you have some workouts to do. Do the following: 50 jumping jacks 25 deep squats 15 pushups 35 or more crunches with your feet elevated on the seat of a chair Then get outside and do some walking or running! Calling for some rain for sunday (tom) and thunderstorm for monday … Continue reading