Life of a Foodie: Countdown Day #17

Life is great! This morning, I was reflecting on how good and faithful God has been to me and my family. I am just amazed at how His love for me is ALWAYS consistent and His faithfulness to me is ALWAYS abounding. He doesn’t judge me on how big or small my faithfulness to Him is; He simply wants me to rest in His faithfulness to me! Now that’s just something else. I am so grateful. Thank you Jesus ❤

Anyways…. This was my 4th of July meal! Bunless grassfed burgers topped with my homemade Garlic Basil Mayo, raw cheddar, bacon, and fried eggs. On the side, I had spinach and avocado topped with my homemade Ranch dressing. It was EPIC! I stayed home with baby Remy, while my husband John took our two older boys to shoot off fireworks in a vacant parking lot. That lot turned out to be on top of a hill, and they were able to watch 7-8 other firework shows among the Charlotte city skyline. It was pretty awesome since I saw the video John took! Looks like we already have our next year 4th of July plan!


I had ‘breakfast pizza’ the next morning using leftovers. I spread some Garlic Basil Mayo on there. It was heavenly! So delicious.




Saturday, during the day, I snacked on watermelon, banana, and a protein bar while drinking water throughout the day. My boys and I were at a day party that day so there weren’t much healthy choices to choose from which is expected for a kids birthday party! I let the boys eat whatever, while I stayed away from the pizzas and such. On the way home, I picked up some Garden Herb potato salad and fresh chicken wings from the meat section at Earth Fare to take home and bake. I already had my homemade Ranch dressing to go with it too. I made three different kinds. I used BBQ sauce, Habanero wing sauce, and Asian chili sauce. It was freaking delicious!!!


We had something else that night… What are you suppose to do when your husband comes home on a Saturday evening after working all day and surprises you with two containers of Talenti gelato ice cream (Coffee Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Chocolate Chip) and a nice bottle of good wine?!?! So, after we sent the boys off to dream land, we indulged while cuddling and watching Once Upon a Time. It was awesome. The wine was so good (so smooth but strong). I didn’t share with my sister when she came over that evening.. Is it bad that I just wanted it all to myself?! It’s definitely a treat when you spend all day, every day, raising three crazy boys. So no, I don’t think it’s bad when I don’t share my wine. 😀

The boys really wanted pancakes Sunday morning. So I made some using coconut flour and gluten free oatmeal. It was more like protein pancakes since I ended up using ten eggs to make it! They loved it! I used this recipe; I did a little modification myself to make it tastier and more protein packed.


For lunch, I had leftovers. Spinach salad topped with spaghetti sauce with a ton of grassfed beef and Ranch dressing.


We went to Mac’s for dinner. My husband and I had a friend in town from New Jersey. He and my husband served together in the USMC and were deployed together as well. I definitely wanted a break from cooking dinner, and spent that free time with them. I ordered pulled pork, collard greens, and sweet potatoes. I had a couple beers! You just don’t spend time with an old buddy without beer. Lol. You just don’t.

For breakfast this morning, had breakfast pizza again! Do you guys want the recipe for breakfast pizza? It’s super easy to make! I can include it in another blog. Right now, I’m snacking on chicken, apple, spinach (I can’t get enough of spinach), and the last bit of spaghetti sauce with beef. Tonight, I’m making homemade chicken tenders with five pounds of chicken breasts I’ve got thawing out. I am making a lot so we can have leftovers. We will be using organic ketchup and my homemade Ranch. Brussel Sprouts and sautéed sweet potato with coconut oil on the side! It’s only 3:15pm right now, but I am going to go ahead and prep dinner since Zander has Karate at 5pm and both Liam and Remy are currently sleeping. It’s the best time to get dinner ready!

Okay, have a great week!




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