Life of a Foodie: Before and After in 33 Days

Well, here it is, you guys. I promised I would post this before and after photos like…. two months ago. I don’t know what it is about me always being late on stuff like this. Wait, I know what it is. It’s the daily motherhood grind of raising three awesome wild crazy wrestling boys while still nursing the little one. Being a wife. And homeschooling. NEVER ENDING cleaning. All day cooking everyday. Meal planning. Weekly grocery shopping with all three boys. Building and running a home based business. Karate three times a week. Play dates. Bathing the boys. Running errands. I think you get the picture now, right? And little Remy has started waking up two times a night to eat again. So, it’s been probably a month or so since I’ve had a full night sleep.

Am I making excuses as to why I haven’t blogged in a while? Probably. But in case you think I’m lazy about blogging, just know that’s far from the truth. I love to write. I love to share my passion with the world. I love to rant about health and food. I dream of starting my own restaurant. I dream of writing my own cookbook. In a way, it’s a stress reliever for me. But, raising our boys, being a wife, and building my business are my priorities right now which means less free time to release my stress through writing. I wish I could do everything! I wish for more hours in a day! But I know I just can’t do everything. So I make the most of the time I have each day to spend on my priorities. My kids need me, now. Their childhood memories are currently being made. My husband needs me, now. Our marriage is the foundation of our wonderful little family we have. My business needs me, now. Debts has to be paid off. Maybe when Remy starts sleeping through the night again, I’ll be able to stay up and blog before going to bed. We’ll see. Business is really picking up right now.

Here’s my before and after photos with 33 days in between the photos!



I know it may not look like much of a change to you , but to me, I felt a big difference. I was tucking in my belly, and I still looked pregnant. The second picture, I was tucking my belly in as well, but look the difference! That post pregnancy belly is pretty much gone. I ate pretty clean for the most part. I ate FAT and plenty of it everyday! Lots of fats, some protein, and plenty of greens. Since I’m breastfeeding, I did eat organic pre-soaked Basmatic white rice loaded with grassfed butter after a workout. On days where I felt my milk supply was low, I ate gluten free oatmeal loaded with butter and eggs fried in bacon grease. That helped boost my milk supply for Remy. I did cheat with ice cream here and there (hey, being honest here, and it was my husband’s fault). And my birthday was right in the middle of this challenge. My family threw me a party, and we pigged out on Earth Fare’s organic pizzas and my sister Karen‘s awesome cake designed by my oldest son. So that was my biggest cheat during the challenge that I absolutely did not regret. Haha!



My next blog, I will be blogging about supplements! Not sure when that will be though 🙂



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