31-30 Days Left to a Beach Body

No, I didn’t forget to blog last night. I was tired yesterday! Fell asleep twice yesterday while breastfeeding and rocking my chunkest of munchkins to sleep. I knew I was sleep deprived and gave up blogging last night to get better quality sleep. It was great getting 8 hours of sleep!! Sleep is so important for health and body conditioning.
So Day #31, after taking my Isotonix vitamin cocktail, I had breakfast pizza and bacon. I obviously loaded my pizza with spinach.


I had a tiny serving of coffee whipped with Kerrygold butter and organic heavy whipping cream. The fats in the coffee helps stroke your metabolism and lessens the caffeine rush.  For lunch, I was rushed for a Motives Cosmetics Soiree, so I grabbed an apple and took my protein shake that I quickly made using almond milk, whey, and a frozen banana. At the soiree, I snacked on broccoli, carrot, tomatoes, DELICOUS martini dip (it had bacon in it- genius), cantaloupe, and strawberries. I had a small glass of wine as well. I left something out… on purpose. Dang it, why am I telling you this? My evil friend who hosted the soiree made this kickass cookie dough balls dipped in chocolate. Seriously?!?! How was I suppose to resist that?!?! So I had one. two.. three… And then I secretly stuffed three more in my mouth before I left. It was pretty darn good. I came home. The boys had already eaten, so I fried up a couple eggs, leftover bacon, and sliced up a half an avocado. I wasn’t really hungry. I went straight to bed after pumping.

SO, Day #30 was WAY better. There were no treats tempting me. I started the day off again with my Isotonix vitamin cocktail and had country ham from the Farmer’s Market, eggs, and avocado.


For lunch, I had an apple and leftover chicken quarters and veggies from Saturday night. Dinner, we had BBQ chicken breast, sweet potatoes sautéed in coconut oil, and steamed asparagus. I drank tons of water too!

Ok, I’m distracted, my freaking husband had to put The Office on. I’m making a conscious effort to not look at the TV. This is the episode that Angela has her monster baby that Dwight swears he’s the father of.. ANYWAYS.. back to typing.

I did a workout today! Zander and I worked on his reading this afternoon for homeschool during Remy and Liam’s nap. After Remy woke up, Z and I worked out while baby Remy watched all wide eyed.  We did each movement as fast and hard as we could for a minute each leaving 5-10 seconds in between to change positions. We did only two rounds. Yes, that was a wimpy workout, I know. I’m so out of shape that my throat was burning from breathing hard. *Face Palm*

  1. Burpees
  2. Pushups
  3. Crunches while squeezing Ugi ball between my knees
  4. Deep squats while holding Ugi ball to my chest
  5. Leg Lift using Ugi ball (right side)
  6. Leg Lift using Ugi ball (left side)

I took pictures right before my workout today. I’m pretty scared about posting for the whole world to see. I used to be SO FIT with low body fat percentage (in athlete range) while I worked as a Personal Trainer. Obviously, that has changed especially after birthing my third baby. But I know I’ll see definition soon! Here it is, I can’t believe I’m doing this.


See my pooch from having babies? That will be gone quickly now that I’m working out. My abdominal muscles are still pretty loose from being stretch out during pregnancy. It won’t take long for them to firm back up. And my glutes! They pair well with the linear wall which is no bueno! Squats, lunges, and more squats, baby! I’ll post another picture in same clothes and positions at the end of my 33 days challenge! I expect to see some great differences!

Ok, night all! I need my 8 hours of quality sleep!



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