Challenge: 33 Days to a Beach Body

So it’s official. I’m taking my kids to the beach on July 23rd. Some friends will be joining us, and my husband will be riding his bike down for the weekend of 26th and 27th. I just want to stay thank you to my awesome aunt and uncle for giving us a place to stay! I love Emerald Isle, NC.
This also means… crap, I gotta get fit to wear a bikini. I had my third baby boy six months ago, and I haven’t started back working out again. Honestly, I’m not looking to lose weight. Now, don’t roll your eyes and scoff at me because I don’t have weight to lose. I work hard to eat clean. I spend hours upon hours prepping and cooking nutritionally densed food for my family and me. As a result, because you are what you eat, my body worked its way back to my pre-pregnancy body weight. I just want to get fit, get strong, tone my body, and feel good. I’ve got body fats that need to go and muscles that need strengthening.
So, I decided to do some basic fundamental body movements yesterday. Let’s just say I was glad nobody was watching. You would’ve had a good laugh! My pushups were pathetic. My squats were weird (perhaps my hips are still a bit loose?). My abs, haha, can you say ‘jello’?! Yea, I’ve got work to do. Sad thing is, I am really sore already. That just confirms how bad I need to get back into shape.
Anyways, I’ll be blogging daily for 33 days till the beach trip! I’ll keep you in the loop on my daily nutrition and workouts. I am a breastfeeding mom, so I will only be working out 3 days a week. I remember my milk supply going   down when I was nursing my second baby while working out. I think I was over doing it.


We had ‘Spaghetti’ and meatballs for dinner. I normally use spaghetti squash, but the store I was at were out of them. So I ended up using noodles made with rice, which I am not a huge fan of since it’s pretty high in carbs. We had broccoli steamed with butter under low heat.
I’ll be back tomorrow for more information on my diet and a picture of myself! Night.


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