Posted in May 2012

‘bread free’ pizza!

‘Bread free’ pizza? Sounds like a distaster? I kid you not, it’s delicious! I knew someone that I used to work with several years ago. When I met him, he was very overweight before he decided to change his lifestyle. He changed the way he ate, joined the gym, and stayed committed to it. I was … Continue reading

“mom, can we make the egg stuff?”

Sure thing, honey! If you have a child or a few kids that are picky when it comes to eating; you might want to try getting them involved in the kitchen. There is something about my son, Zander (4 yrs old), cooking with me in the kitchen that encourages him to eat better; the more he cooks with … Continue reading

‘but what about the bread Jesus ate?’

I get this alot, and I have questioned this myself! For a while I tried to give a good answer to that question. Just couldn’t quite pin it down perfectly. I ran across another blog while researching. I belong in a group on facebook where we talk about nutrition since we’re all, well, nerds if you want … Continue reading

what you think is unhealthy is actually healthy

Let’s talk about what you think makes you fat. If you want to successfully lose some unwanted bodyfat, you are probably trained to think low fat diet is the way to go. WRONG. In fact, eating fats is NECCESSARY for bodyfat lost. Wonder why some people gain their all their weight back and more when they go … Continue reading

get ready…

After you read this, you have some workouts to do. Do the following: 50 jumping jacks 25 deep squats 15 pushups 35 or more crunches with your feet elevated on the seat of a chair Then get outside and do some walking or running! Calling for some rain for sunday (tom) and thunderstorm for monday … Continue reading

“i not want that..”

my Zander Zane is now correctly saying, “i do not want that.” this response was to ‘leftover dinner from the night before’ for lunch. it was fried/sauteed chicken thighs, steamed carrots, and celeries; and zander REALLY did not want it. what did i do? instead of ‘making’ him eat it, i made it fun for him to … Continue reading

my REAL food rant!

what i mean by real food? imagine yourself sitting at the table or on the couch with a plate of food in front of you. before you take a bite, ask yourself, “would i have been able to eat this a couple thousand years ago?” maybe, but most likely, maybe not. when i say real … Continue reading