29 Days Left to a Beach Body

Man! Today was crazy. Morning started off like a whirlwind. I completely forgot we were out of eggs. I thought my husband took my van to his work to have the oil changed in it; so I thought the option of running to the store wasn’t available. I had to get creative for breakfast. I remember my awesome sister who’s an amazing baker (www.blackmountaincakes.com & see for yourself) said I could use flaxseed meal mixed with lukewarm water to replace eggs. I thought I would give it a try for making cinnamon coconut pancakes. Well, it was a total epic fail. I thought the batter was amazing looking. But as soon as I poured the batter into the pan, it turned into a whole different matter! Like a bunch of glooy blob kind of matter, literally. It’s totally worth making for some kind of science project, but not for breakfast. I’m sure this works for baking though! I have seen my sister do this for vegan cookies, and it was delicious. During the manifestation of my epic eggless pancake making failure, my oldest son was helping me feed 6 month old Remy. Zander wasn’t looking at the time Remy grabbed his bowl and toppled his baby food onto the carpet in the dining room. Meanwhile, I look out the window, and saw that my husband forgot to take my van to his work! Off to Another Broken Egg Cafe we go! It was already late morning before we chowed down; man were we hungry.
So for breakfast, I had a huge omelet stuffed with sausage, bacon, mushrooms, onion, and cheese (cheese was a cheat since it wasn’t raw), oranges, and two sides roasted potatoes. I was so full that I wasn’t hungry for lunch. Neither were the boys. We just snacked on apples. For dinner, I needed to cook the chicken breasts we had left so I made smoked chicken with raw cheddar, Brussels sprouts, and beets.


It was my first time cooking with beets! They were home grown by my mother. I sautéed them in coconut oil while seasoning with plenty of sea salt and pepper. They were delicious! My husband came home and saw that I was making them. He then made it clear how much he hated beets. I wasn’t surprised. I made a plate with only a couple pieces of beets for him to just try. Know what happened? He not only ate them, he liked it, and went back and put a heaping pile of them on his plate! Ha! Victory to me! My oldest son was the only one that didn’t like them. I’ll figure out a way to slip them into other home cooked goods.


Ok, that’s it for today! Off to sleep, I love me some sleep.


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