Paleo Mayonaise & Paleo Ranch Dressing!

Okay, it’s 11:50pm, and I just got done pumping some sweet golden milk to store in the freezer for my chunkest of munckins. I thought I would write a quick blog on mayonnaise making and using it for ranch dressings since I had a few requests for it on Facebook. Thought it would just be … Continue reading

A Perfect Nutritional Lifestyle… Or Not.

Hi! Thought I would share some personal thoughts on my mindset towards food. I feed my family as organically and clean as possible. I start them off EVERYDAY with breakfast meat of some sorts, eggs, easy coconut flour pancakes of all kinds, easy coconut/almond flour muffins of all sorts, sweet potato dish, fruits, vegetables, or raw dairy. We … Continue reading

Healthy Gut is Crucial for Optimal Health

I am sure many of you know how important it is to eat clean and healthy. But why? Is it to improve your immune system? To improve fat loss? Lower high blood pressure? To increase energy? To feel better? How you achieve any of these desired results depends on your gut condition! Did you know that we … Continue reading

Rockin’ Red!

It’s a rocking red lips and red nails kind of day.. or two. What do you think? Motives for Lala Mineral Lipstick in Manhattan Motives Lip Crayon in Retro Red Motives for Lala Mineral Lipshine in Big Apple and Runaway   Motives Nail Lacquer in Red Stiletto Being a stay at home working mom of two … Continue reading

What’s on Your #Breakfast plate?

Hi guys! Thought I would share our top two favorite breakfast goodies that we have been loving lately. As usual, we have either eggs (fried, scrambled, or boiled), bacon, sausage, fish, egg muffins/casserole, sweet potato hash, fruits, vegetables, and so on. But the boys get extra excited about my making coconut flour pancakes or Banana Dark … Continue reading

Does Your Lips Need Exfoliating?

Hi all! Here is a quick tip on how to exfoliate and nourish your lips. There are times when I am not hydrating my body as well as I should, and the result ends up with dry scaly-like lips. This is when I whip out my Motives Lip Pumice and apply it to my lips in circular motion. … Continue reading

About the faith of #Jesus

I received a letter written by Joseph Prince that blessed me so much. I hope it blesses you as much as it did to me. Dear John & Patricia, There is a beautiful truth about faith I want to share with you today. Like everything else in the Bible, faith is all about Jesus. It … Continue reading

Why You Need a Good Night #Sleep

As a busy working mom of two energetic little boys, it’s safe to say sleeping is one of my very favorite thing to do! Loose pjs, hot nighttime tea, Calcium Plus, sometimes Tryptophan, and my memory foam heaven are all just what I need for a great night of deep sleep (that is if my 18 mth stays asleep; we live in … Continue reading

Real Food and #Pinterest

I had a little fun with this! I decided to try new recipes every day for a week. These recipes were selected off Pinterest which I really love! Every once in a while, I get on Pinterest and pin great recipes and ideas. Also, when I see a recipe off a website I want to try, I’ll add … Continue reading

Grapefruit Bowls! #HealthySnacks

With fall approaching and fruits & berries being ripe, the trees & bushes will soon be ready to take a ‘break’ till next season! I have an idea for you! My siblings and  I threw a surprised birthday party for my mama this past June. The girls in my family were in charge of the food for … Continue reading