Paleo Mayonaise & Paleo Ranch Dressing!

Okay, it’s 11:50pm, and I just got done pumping some sweet golden milk to store in the freezer for my chunkest of munckins. I thought I would write a quick blog on mayonnaise making and using it for ranch dressings since I had a few requests for it on Facebook. Thought it would just be easier to jot it down here. Making mayonnaise is SUPER easy if you have patience.


Mayo Ingredients:
1 c. olive oil (regular or light, but not EVOO- extra virgin olive oil)
Half of fresh lemon juice
1 or 2 tsp of mustard
1 egg yolk

In the picture above, see the glass bottle on the right? What is that freaking thing called? My mind is in bed, but I’m really here at my laptop. I like using that bottle to ‘drip’ olive oil during my mayo making process. It eliminates any accidental ‘dumping’ of oil when you’re suppose to be dripping it. Plus, it doesn’t spill everywhere. I LOVE using my hand blender here. You can also just a regular blender or food processor!


Start whipping the egg yolk, mustard, and lemon juice. Whip it real good; and then start dripping olive oil into the mixture while whipping. You’ll create an emulsion of the mixture, and the mixture should start turning white. Once the emulsion is created, you can slowly start a TINY stream of oil into the mixture. All this is take about 5 minutes! This pic below is from my Instagram (@patricialinkous) account.


Then I use that to make goodies of all kinds especially Ranch dressing to go with my wings! Click here and here and here for the three recipes I picked at!  I used a cup of mayo, half c. of full fat coconut milk, a TB or two of dill, a dash or two of paprika, a dash of onion powder, 2 garlic cloves, S&P, and a tsp or two of ACV (apple cider vinegar). I didn’t measure my ingredients! I just don’t use measurement. I’m a rebel like that I guess. Hope this helps!


Before I sign off, you should try my Basil Garlic Mayo spread/dip or whatever you would like to call it! Grab a few fresh leaves of basil, half of shallot, and a few garlic cloves. Processed those three together (you might have to use a bit of olive oil to get them processed well together) and mix into the mayonnaise using a spoon or wire whisk. Guys, it tastes HEAVENLY. I spread it on my bunless burgers, steak, and chicken. So good. Okay, it’s getting late, and I’ll stop here.


2 thoughts on “Paleo Mayonaise & Paleo Ranch Dressing!

  1. My fav part: “Whip it real good” ….I love what you write because it’s so real and I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny, but it def comes across with a great sense of humor! My first attempt at paleo mayo failed but I’m going to try again! Love you!

    • Haha! I almost wrote, ‘whip it, whip it, real good.’ Thanks Lauren, I am totally being myself when I write. I write quicker that way, and I was eager to get some sleep. Love you girl!!

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