A Perfect Nutritional Lifestyle… Or Not.

Hi! Thought I would share some personal thoughts on my mindset towards food. I feed my family as organically and clean as possible. I start them off EVERYDAY with breakfast meat of some sorts, eggs, easy coconut flour pancakes of all kinds, easy coconut/almond flour muffins of all sorts, sweet potato dish, fruits, vegetables, or raw dairy. We are grain free (my husband just became grain free two weeks ago and already lost at least 10 pounds). Every once in a while, I’ll make steel cut gluten free oatmeal with my mom’s organic blueberries or organic raisins as long as it’s served with eggs or breakfast meat. Lunch and dinner include a whole variety of meat, seafood, fats, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, and raw dairy as well. Their snacks include fruits, vegetables especially cucumber (their favorite), or paleo baked goods. We follow this food pyramid the best we can. I am always on the lookout for sales on grass fed beef, pasture chicken eggs, wild Alaskan salmon, etc. and try to make it to the Farmer’s Market whenever I can to support the local economy and farmers.

Now, what I just stated is what I strive for daily as far as our nutrition consumption goes. You think I perfect this every single day, every single week, and every single month? No. We’ll occasionally go to Chick-Fil-A and eat their nuggets, applesauce, and juice along with a playground to play in. We’ll occasionally enjoy Earth Fare’s homemade pepperoni pizza (this is when my digestive enzymes and aloe powder comes in handy). I even keep a loaf of organic Ezekiel or Earth Fare’s Sourdough bread in the freezer (a loaf usually last at least a month in the freezer since we rarely use it) for my husband’s favorite hole-in-the-middle breakfast treat or plain organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Heck! We’ll even pig out at Five Guys for burgers and fries (this usually happens every couple months). So there, I’m not that crazy ‘OMG’ I’m going to die because we just ate gluten loaded pizzas, burgers served with non-grass fed beef, or fries that are GMO potato served with ketchup that has high fructose corn syrup in it.

I am fully aware of the food system and how ‘corrupt’ it is. I would like to make a point though; I do believe in a wonderful Maker who gave us a brain to think for ourselves, and a wonder body to take care of. I do believe that we have been given everything we need in nature to nourish and fuel our bodies.  I do believe in treating animals humanely and humbly since they become our food. Given how ‘corrupt’ America’s food system is, I am just thankful that my trust is in HIM and not the food system, government, or the rest of the crazy world. If my trust was in the how well we eat and our health, I would literally die of stress. Thankfully, I’m not dying of stress. I am alive, healthy, loved, blessed, favored, and successful because Jesus perfected me in spite of all my imperfections.

I do believe, as a parent, it’s my responsibility to teach my kids what’s nutritional and what’s not. My son who’s five years of age knows that pizza is a TREAT and that eggs are good for his body. He can already differentiate the difference between good quality food that are beneficial for his body and ‘tasty’ food that are TREATS and not necessarily healthy for his body. I will continue to teach my boys this way. I want them to grow up and be educated enough to know how to eat well and control their ‘treat’ consumption. I am fully aware they will probably fall off the wagon and eat in ways that would make my stomach tie into knots. But if that does happen, at least they will know just what to do to get their health back in order. My goal right now is to train them up to make good choices concerning nutrition consumption along with other choices in life. But most importantly, I want to train them up to know they are always loved no matter the choices they make. My husband and I are not perfect parents, but they do have a PERFECT heavenly Father who loves them dearly.

It is a huge passion of mine to educate others the best I know how on nutrition and health, and I will continue to do so. My brain is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing knowledge on nutritional science. I guess I’m a ‘dork’ that way. If I were to truly have a kids free day with no work to do, I’d snuggle up with a coffee in hand and read up on recent researches/blogs on nutrition and science. I squeal with gladness when I learn something new. Is that dorky? I think I need fake glasses to go with my inner self and maybe start perfecting a sock bun to go with the look along with an over sized sweater. While it is a passion of mine to help others with their health, it is also a passion of mine to help others live a fearless and stress free life knowing all is well by the One who knows every little details of their lives. My life isn’t perfect. We don’t always eat perfect. We have debt that needs paying off. Marriage can be stressful. Raising kids can be VERY challenging. In fact, at this very moment, my kids are currently verbally fighting in the other room. I lose my mind sometimes. Business can be difficult to run at times. But I don’t let the current circumstances or challenges define me. My definition is on the ROCK who loves me, keeps me standing strong, and blesses me, fulfills whatever needs I have today and each day. You know how I know He loves me? He chose me. He gave His only beloved Son for me. If He gave His Son up for me, then isn’t He is willing to freely give us all things including health, peace, wisdom, prosperity/success, and many more blessings? If He withheld any blessings, then the blessings would be of more value than His own Son which I know isn’t the case.

I look forward to dinner time every evening. It’s a time I am reminded how blessed I am. There’s me with a baby boy inside in my belly, my hardworking lover and husband, and our awesome boys all at the dinner table. We’re eating a hearty dinner and sharing about our day with a roof over our head. That’s love holding us together and strengthening us as a family at the dinner table. Yes, we have our moments where our two years old will dump his drink out onto his plate to make soup, or our five years old having an attitude. So it’s not always perfect at the dinner table, but I think you get my personal meaning from it. Okay, it’s time for lunch and my chocolate coconut chews for desserts are waiting on me.


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