Does Your Lips Need Exfoliating?

Hi all! Here is a quick tip on how to exfoliate and nourish your lips. There are times when I am not hydrating my body as well as I should, and the result ends up with dry scaly-like lips. This is when I whip out my Motives Lip Pumice and apply it to my lips in circular motion. When done, I use a damp clean towel to wipe the excess dead skin cells off. Afterward, I apply the Motives Vitamin E Lip Treatment. By using both the Lip Pumice and Vitamin E, you are removing dead skin cells and super hydrating your lips at the same time! You can then carry on to using any lipstick such as the Motives Rich Formula Lipstick in Rosy Brown.

Lip Treatment

My three other favorite lip treatments are the Hydrating Lip Balm, Vitamin C Lip Treatment, and the 40FY Lip treatment! It’s super hard to stick with one kind of lip treatment. The Hydrating Lip Balm is great to carry in your purse for whenever your lips need moisturizing. The Vitamin C Lip Treatment is a MUST HAVE if you are going to chlorinated pool. The vitamin C will help protect your lips against chlorine by neutralizing it and keeping any damage chlorine may do to your skin at bay. See here for a blog on how to minimize chlorine exposure. And lastly, but not least, the 40FY Lip Treatment is awesome for, ummm, let’s see, thin lips such as mine! This amazing treatment can increase your lip volume by up to 40% within a few weeks when used three times a day. I always thought I was destined to have thin lips. Truth is, my lips were deprived of moisture and nutrients. This treatment helped make my lips look fuller and smoother which makes putting on lipstick an easier process now! Have a great day with fabulous lips!


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