“mom, can we make the egg stuff?”

Sure thing, honey! If you have a child or a few kids that are picky when it comes to eating; you might want to try getting them involved in the kitchen. There is something about my son, Zander (4 yrs old), cooking with me in the kitchen that encourages him to eat better; the more he cooks with me, the less picky he is. Might be something you, mamas, can try if you haven’t already. Warning: patience needed! I have taught Zander how to crack eggs, chop veggies (no worries, he uses a kid’s knife), stir, flip with a spatula, and so forth. About the egg stuff, we make all kinds! We use a muffin pan to make egg muffins. This first picture was my very first batch of bacon wrapped egg muffins that I made a while back in my old apartment. Ingredients? Lightly fried bacon and eggs. I sprinkled a bit of black pepper on top.

Next, is spinach and egg muffins. Zander had a ball with this one. He is picky about spinach, but he didn’t mind eating these; since, well, he practically made these himself! We mixed up eggs, almond milk, chopped bacon, spinach, grated carrot, and black pepper; baked at 350 degree for about 15-20 minutes. I used the nitrite/nitrate free bacon ends & pieces from Trader Joe’s. It’s only $2.99 each pound. These bacon are called the ‘scrap bacon’ and they are great for chopping and adding into any dishes.

Zander was in charged of the eggs, spinach, and black pepper. I was in charged of the bacon, grated carrots, & the pouring of almond milk.

 He won’t let me mix anything. He likes his whire whisk.

They turned out great! I used a bundt pan to bake leftover the leftover mixture just for the heck of it. Turned out cute and would be a good idea for breakfast on christmas day! You could add red pepper in the mixture to get the green/red christmas color. Just an idea.

I did not have any cupcake liners this time; it’s always a good idea to use the liners. It was a bit hard getting the muffins out.

I steamed some brussel sprouts in bacon grease to have with my spinach and egg bundt cake. The hubs does not like brussel sprouts so I used the leftover spinach for him.

Make some and enjoy it! There is ALL KINDS of ways to make egg casserole/muffins/etc. I love using sausage from the farmer’s market too. Sausage and chopped up sweet potatoes are a great combination to add to your egg mixture. I made some last week and I am pretty sure it’s my favorite egg dish now. I just wished I had taken some pictures to add to this blog! Have a great rest of the week! 🙂 Sincerely, Zander and his mama, Patricia


2 thoughts on ““mom, can we make the egg stuff?”

  1. Miss Patty! These look like Kevin would love them! I know that there isn’t a Trader Joe’s here (I have been to one in SC with my momma), so where would you recommend that would be similar? In the ones on top, did you pre-cook the bacon before you did that? I’m a liitle confused.

    • thank you amy! i have had you on my mind, i miss you! try out the farmer’s market in downtown hickory, they are there wed & sat. i get my eggs from there when i can. i get nitrite free bacon; not exactly sure what store would carry them that wouldn’t be jacked high in prices. trader joe’s has them for way cheaper than the average stores. for the top pic of my egg muffins; i lightly fried the bacon first, then wrapped them in the cups of the muffin pan. i also tore the fat end of each bacon to place on the bottom of the holes as well. then i cracked the eggs into the cups. hope this helps! miss you amy!

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