what you think is unhealthy is actually healthy

Let’s talk about what you think makes you fat. If you want to successfully lose some unwanted bodyfat, you are probably trained to think low fat diet is the way to go. WRONG. In fact, eating fats is NECCESSARY for bodyfat lost. Wonder why some people gain their all their weight back and more when they go on a low fat diet? Not because of calorie restriction, but also fat restriction too. If you starve your body of neccessary fats, your body will go nuts; especially women since we NEED more bodyfats than men.

It’s like a relationship, well marriage, since taking care of your body is a lifetime committment! It’s a give and take relationship. In a marriage, men & women have different needs that is taking care of by the spouse. If you meet your spouse’s needs, then most likely, your needs will be met by your spouse in return. If you feed your body some fats, then, your body will be okay to give up some of its stored fats for you to burn off in return. Make sense? If you don’t feed your body some fats, then, your body may go into a ‘starvation mode’; while possibly slowly using stored fats for energy, but hanging on to bodyfats more strictly. Afterall, fats are stored energy that are neccessary for survival! Lastly, if you deprive your body of fats, it turns to your muscle cells for fuel or energy; thus losing lean muscle mass neccessary for optimal health and healthy metabolism.

Well then what makes us fat? If you say sugar, then BINGO! That includes carbs from grain too; since the byproduct of carbs are sugar. In case you haven’t realized, USA has the highest obesity rate in the world; the reason for that is EXCESS carbs, sugar, and made man crap (this is a whole’nother topic). You know the SAD food pyramid? Check it out. The fact that eating bread, pasta, cereal, bagel, etc. are recommended to be your main source of nutritional intake is just absolutely absurd. It’s a no wonder there’s an epidemic of celiac disease (allergy to gluten from grain), autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and so on. Our body is not designed to run on sugar and carbs, period. Our body is designed to run on fats, protein, veggies, seasonal fruits, and so on. Want to know what our food pyramid really should look it? See below. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Have you noticed our body is made up of water, muscles (protein), fats, tissues, bones, etc?? YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Think about it. Eighty percent of your body consists of what you eat. What do you think it’s going to happen if bread, cereal, and noodles becomes your main source of food? Your muscles are not getting any amino acids. Your fats are wondering, ‘what the heck is up with all these glucose being everywhere?’ Your immune system is screaming, ‘Again?! Where the heck are the vitamins you’re suppose to feed me?!’ Your bones are sarcasticly thanking you for the nutrition support it needs to stay dense. Your water content in your body gets depressed because you’re stealing extra water to get all these glucose out of your blood. All the extra glucose gets stored away as glycogen in your liver only to be stored away again as your lovely thigh, butt, or stomach fat. Get it? Also, here’s another whack in the head. Sixty percent of your BRAIN is made of fatty acid! If if you’re wondering what’s all this Omega 3 hype is all about? Well, omega 3 is a fatty acid that your brain feeds off of; not carbs. Seriously, for this reason, it may be why we have so many that are struggling with memory loss, confusion, dementia, alzheimers, ADD, ADHD, autism, and so forth. Is this alot to take in? No worries, I will stop here. I’ll be posting more blogs relating to this topic. Meanwhile, please do check out all the links under ‘Works Cited’ for additional information and understanding. Happy Tuesday!

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Additional Infomation:




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