“i not want that..”

my Zander Zane is now correctly saying, “i do not want that.” this response was to ‘leftover dinner from the night before’ for lunch. it was fried/sauteed chicken thighs, steamed carrots, and celeries; and zander REALLY did not want it.

what did i do? instead of ‘making’ him eat it, i made it fun for him to eat it. i told him i would make it a surprise for him. he went from frowning to grinning. he sat at the diningroom table patiently waiting on me. i took some toothpicks out, and made a triangle tower for him.


let’s just say he was surprised and gave a big “Whoooooooooooo! that’s cool!!” now he wanted to eat it and he did. mission accomplished.



One thought on ““i not want that..”

  1. that was brilliant patty! i will have to recommend this to my sister… Jackson is getting picky about things too!

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