my REAL food rant!

what i mean by real food? imagine yourself sitting at the table or on the couch with a plate of food in front of you. before you take a bite, ask yourself, “would i have been able to eat this a couple thousand years ago?” maybe, but most likely, maybe not. when i say real food, i mean food off the ground, off the trees, picked from the bushes, hunted and killed, caught with a fishing pole (or maybe a spear if you’re that wild), chased and killed (referring to chickens or pigs), etc. get it? the SAD (Standard American Diet) is the saddest food plan i have ever seen in my life. the typical american diet is WAY TO PROCESSED! there’s too much grain, too much sugar, and too much man made crap that our bodies do not recognize. SAD is the reason many american are sick with excess body weight, diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart disease, digestive failure, cancer, and the list goes on. my ideal way of eating have many names; names such as paleo, primal, biblical, ‘caveman’, and hunter’s gatherers. now, don’t get me wrong; there are days i ‘cheat’ esp if you are married to a pizza lover. oh, i’ll post recipes for that too. i do not consider dark chocolate as cheating because i am determined it’s okay in my book 🙂 to end this, this ‘REAL food’ category will be a place i post my meals, ideas, and pictures. thanks for reading you guys!


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