Welcome to Patricia’s blog space!

Hey Guys! I will be posting about several things. Some on food (I love to eat), wellness (health nut, here), fitness (personal trainer, here) spiritual thoughts (Jesus’ beloved, here), & some things going on in my life (for those of you far away!). This is my very first time blogging and the editing part is challenging for some reason because I thought it would be easy; well, that’s a joke now. For right, I am keeping my blog simple to keep me sane. I will continue to edit & update my blog to make it look ‘purty’ for you! I have categories that will be displayed as the following: p’s REAL food, p’s spiritual food, p’s life, and p’s health resources. Also, I will at some point change my blog address to patricialinkous.com until I master this! But for right now, it’s patricialinkous.wordpress.com. I am very excited about this and feel free to give me any feedbacks! I am pretty sure if you follow my blog, you will get an email for each time I post. Also, just for the purpose of not getting sued or whatever, I am not a licensed dietician. I am, however, a certified personal trainer as well as a certified nutraMetrix consultant. I’m just somewhat a food nerd and a health nerd too. I will share facts on nutrition backed with resources posted by professionals. I will also post researchs for you to do on your own if you like. Thank you for stopping by! With love, Patricia


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